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Lies and Distractions

Updated: Jan 14

I find puns and double entendres fun.

It is another way to look at things…from a different perspective

They initiate thought. Make people stop and think. They engage the listener. 

I often do this with my art. That is the reason for the title of this collection. 

Let me share with you what this collection is about.

I paint any subject matter that prompts me to pause and recollect even the smallest of joys in my life that, in reality, are not so small


Take the golf ball, for example. Returning to the game more regularly this year, I found it interesting how such a small ball can “drive” many moments of fun and discovery. The game of golf also helps me connect to the joys spent with my late father - discussing golf. He was the first person to place a club in my hand and offered a plethora of advice to approaching this sport.


This collection offers a visual narrative of familiar lies and beautiful distractions during my game of golf.

It shares my perspective, while on the golf course, that I would like to share with you. 

It describes my frequent distraction (impacting my pace-of-play) because of the beautiful nature around me. And a gentle nod to my patient golf partner - my husband.

It offers reflections of times with my father.

Art from this collection is perfect for any golf lover at any level!

Share in the joy of the game.



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