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Sure, life is busy and full of distractions.

Trust me, I know. But I still try to find time to recognize and appreciate the “little things.”

I paint any subject matter that prompts me to pause and recollect even the smallest of joys in my life.

But in reality, these things are not so small – they are actually big and so is their impact in my life.

The inspiration of my art is family. Family anchors me. My children, sisters, husband, mother, friends and my pups!

Joy is found in the little moments, nuances, and experiences we share. Painting objects and places that celebrate them allows me to slow down to remember the joy.

Full stop.

So you see, I am not just a painter of food, or a rock or a tree – I am a story teller.

I invite you to enter into my story.

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Christa Amos resides in Chester County, PA where she works in her home studio creating works in oil manipulating its unique qualities of texture and viscosity. In addition, Christa enjoys printmaking, mixed media and watercolor. After earning a BFA in illustration and graphic design at Moore College of Art and Design, she later acquired a Master’s degree from Arcadia University. As an art educator, Christa strives to connect to her students through authentic connections in art making. As a practicing artist, she connects to her audience through the subject matter of her art. Promoting a state of mindfulness and a sense of "pause," Christa’s art captures glimpses of everyday life and experiences that we all might value, but may overlook.

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