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What is "25 Days of Minis?"

A well curated collection of original art perfectly sized for gifting and collecting.

This holiday season, I am joining a community of talented professional artists to share mini artworks via a convenient online gallery. Daily, from December 1 through December 25, one piece of art work will be revealed by each participating artist. This special exhibition makes it fun, suspenseful, easy and exciting for you to find the perfect gifts of original artwork for that special someone.


"Lies and Distractions"

My collection this year is titled "Lies and Distractions."

I paint any subject matter that prompts me to pause and recollect even the smallest of joys in my life that, in reality, are not so small.


Take the golf ball for example. In returning to the game more regularly this year, I found it interesting how such a small ball can “drive” many moments of fun and discovery.


Anyone who knows me, knows I use many puns.


This collection offers a visual narrative of familiar lies and beautiful distractions I have experienced on the golf course. It makes the perfect gift for any golf lover!


 Starting December 1 through December 25, I will be offering daily reveals from this collection.


Be the first in line...

Check out all of the 2023 Artists and join the Daily Delivery email to get new collections delivered to your inbox each morning starting December 1, 2023.

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