Beginning December 1st, I will be releasing one new small artwork each day until Christmas as part of a special online curation called 25 Days of Minis.

My special collection this year is titled, "Sweet Celebrations." In the haste of everyday life, art is my way to capture, recognize, and appreciate the little things and people that matter the most. My art serves as a reminder of even the smallest moments with family, that spark joy and gratitude. This collection shares how the sweetness of the holiday season, and other moments year round, are connected to special moments with loved ones. It is a visual celebration of family.

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This year 54 artists are participating in the 25 Days of Minis. Get to know them and see their artwork over at 25daysofminis.com.




Pausing with Celebrate

25 Days of Minis Collection.
Experience the joy of the holidays with the exciting daily reveals.