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Celebrating the Gift of Art

As a child, I loved making pictures for my parents, sisters, other family members, and friends. Art was my way to express my love to them and to share what was most meaningful to me. I would draw pictures of flowers, our pets, and portraits from memories of our family beach vacations. These humble gifts always brought a smile to those whom I gifted my art – their smile was a gift back to me.

In my current art practice, I still paint with loved ones in mind. I instinctively know subjects that they will enjoy and with which they will connect. Painting these little things allows me to visually celebrate these special places, things, and memories. It is a mutual celebration.

We are approaching the season of gift-giving. A time where we think about our loved ones and seek special ways to show them our love and appreciation.

I invite you to follow me this holiday season to view a very special collection that continues my celebration of family. I invite you to join me in giving the gift of original art that brings love, meaning and, warm smiles. This collection will open in December as part of the 25 Days of Minis. From December 1 through December 25th, this unique online art curation showcases 25 available works of 54 artists, both nationally and internationally. Visit 25daysof and subscribe today to learn more about this very exciting addition to your holiday season. Be the first to know!


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