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Preparing the Lemons

Updated: May 21, 2022

How do you kick off your summer?

At this time every year, my family looks forward to the Devon Horse Show and County Fair that opens annually on Memorial Day weekend. Attending the show is a tradition held by my parents and grandparents as well! The event is rich in tradition with over 125 years of memories.

Whether it be admiring the horses and their riders as they prepare for their event, shopping souvenirs, hearing the buzz of activity through the Midway amusements, enjoying selections from the Tea Cart, or indulging in lemon sticks, ice cream, and traditional Devon Fudge. There are so many ways to experience Devon.

"Preparing the Lemons"

Preparations are underway as the show opens on May 26th. It is an honor to be exhibiting my art at the Art Gallery at Devon that is currently in its 19th year. Among my collection you will find a few pieces that capture subtle details of this favored event.

This is my 20th year volunteering at the show and is a tradition I share with my sisters and daughters. Look for me at the Candy Booth.

I will be “preparing the lemons.” I hope to see you!

Hello, Summer!


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