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The Sweet Care Package

Baking cookies is a constant in our household. When the kids were young, we would often stir up a batch, whenever we felt like a little sweetie. We would divide up the tasks with whoever would join me in the kitchen. Some loved breaking the eggs, others loved folding in the chips, but in either case, it is a warm memory. Now that my children are almost grown, I have a small tradition that I keep, that sparks that memory of family time. And you guessed has to do with food. Specifically, the good ole Chocolate Chip cookie!

This tradition begins with a wonderful homecoming. Thanksgiving, for example, is a quality time for family and homecoming. My husband and I enjoy this holiday because MOST of the time, we have MOST of our five children in town. With three out of college, one in college, and one yet still preparing for college, our house often seems like it has a revolving door. Just before our college children would (and still do) set off on the road, back to their universities, I would whip up a batch of cookies and carefully prepare a package for them. It is a subtle touch of home that they take with them.

This is yet one more example of a “sweet celebration.” As many of you may already know, Sweet Celebrations is my theme for this year’s 25 Days of Minis online art curation. Behind each piece is a reference to my celebration of family. Each piece is a small tribute to the times around the table, in the kitchen, or even out the door. Of course, a “little sweetie” is always a tiny help along the way.

What are some of your “sweet traditions?” I would love to hear about them!



Mark your calendar! Set your alarm!

25 Days of Minis launches on

December 1.

This year 54 artists are participating in the 25 Days of Minis - an exclusive online curation of original art that offers special reveals daily.

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My collection for this year's 25 Days of Minis is titled, "Sweet Celebrations." This collection shares how the sweetness of the holiday season, and other moments year round, are connected to special moments with loved ones. It is a visual celebration of family. Enjoy!

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