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"Do you wanna go for a walk?"

These days, I find more reasons to go for a walk. I walk to places instead of driving. I plan outings that involve a “trek.” I walk my dog, Cody, more often than our regular routine. We are both getting in better shape, btw!

For me, taking a walk offers a moment for mindfulness. Being outside supports that.

Don’t get me wrong, treadmills are fine, but there is something about the “unplugged” quality of simply going for a walk.

It is funny watching Cody when we walk. He stops and explores EVERYTHING. It takes forever, but that is fine. It recently dawned on me that this is exactly what I like to do. We are great walking partners.

I, too, stop and observe. I watch the cloud formations. Notice the spring growth on the trees. Listen to the birds and new life all around me. It is a state of mindfulness.

During these walks, my mind starts cultivating many ideas for my art-making. This state of calm blocks the everyday distractions of my “marathon” life, and allows a rush of creative thoughts to come crashing in. It is awesome!

Because I am “unplugged” I cannot document these ideas until we arrive home. Upon arrival, I quickly mind dump in my journal. A very wise artist friend of mine calls these ideas, “shiny objects.” (More about that idea in a future newsletter.) So I catalog these “shiny objects” to implement at a future time. It may time some time, but I eventually do.

A quote from my art philosophy closes with the following:

“…a creative thought is an ephemeral thought unless it is transferred into a creative action. Only then can it be truly shared.”

So take that walk. Find the calm. Enjoy this day.



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