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Lot's of Rocks!

You may wonder, “What is Christa’s fascination with rocks?”

Well, I was not sure myself until I pieced the following together. It has to do with our constant theme of “getting outside” found in my current series – Take a Hike.

If you are my age, then as child you were more than likely “unplugged.” Technology simply wasn’t what it is today. Like me, you may view this as an advantage. The outdoors engaged us everyday!

I am the youngest of three girls, who were fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood that offered many natural places to play and explore. Surrounding us were trees that seemed like giants, large rhododendrons that served as a shelter in a make-believe rainforest, a large hill that seemed like a mountain that led to a small creek full of splashes, salamanders, and yes…rocks.

ROCKS! Some were large enough to be stepping stones to a new place in our imagination. Some were just the right size to turn over to find unique critters. Others were small enough to skim across quiet waters. But all of them were colorful, unique, and full of texture. It was a time full of awareness around me. As an adult, I seek a similar state of mindfulness.

My Take a Hike series is perfect for this time of year. Especially after our “COVID winter,” it is no surprise why this theme is at the forefront of my current art-making. My selection was quite subconscious.

Painting the nuances of nature through this series, allows me to bring the outdoors to the INDOORS. These paintings serve as permanent and gentle reminder to seek that space physically and mentally, especially this time of year. Visit my website to view the collection. And check back often for some additions later this month.

Where is your outside space? In my opinion, these days, that place can be anywhere you can take in the fresh air and be UNPLUGGED.

Seek it, enjoy it and take it in. Reach out to me and tell me about it.

Happy imagining,


Email: Instagram: Facebook: Christa Amos Studio

*Pictured: Babbling Brook, 8"x8" Oil/coldwax on board. View in Collections.

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