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51 Degrees and Mindfulness

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

It is early Spring in PA. It was a sunny, 51 degrees today!

And I had over 51 things on my to-do list!

But who cares? I hit the “PAUSE” button… I took a hike.

And it was great!

Mindfulness comes in many ways. Exercise, rest, music, art, prayer…nature.


It seems to connect us all, right? It seems that just about everyone likes to do something in the midst of nature. We walk, run, climb, kayak, swim, and play many times in the company of nature.

What is it you like to do outside?

During our busy times, work, and play, with over 51 things to do, it is helpful to pause and take it all in. Doing so, we notice details often overlooked. Details that are always right in front of us.

You don’t have to live in the “country” to be one with nature. We invite nature into our homes in the form of plants, flowers, art, even nature sounds found in the “CALM” app! I think nature keeps us centered. And at times, keeps us humble.

Nature’s beauty has always been an inspiration for artists. Like many, I enjoy painting subjects of nature. In particular, I am drawn to paint the overlooked – the small details. A leaf, a critter, even a beautiful rock.

The act of painting is a way to continue my connection to the mindfulness of nature. In turn, I strive to visually share that sense of serenity with others. I am working on a series this month that focuses on just that; the hike, the details, the time to pause. Be on the lookout for these works.

Until then, stay safe,

stay well and GO TAKE A HIKE!



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